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MLA employs a best-practice framework, along with a comprehensive set of tools and services, to optimize treatment of substance use disorder including: 

  1. Superior case management, from inpatient detoxification through outpatient support
  2. Counseling that has been proven to decrease anxiety and increase resiliency
  3. FDA approved, anti-addictive medication to reduce cravings
  4. Active monitoring using smartphone-enabled technology called MLA Connect to improve compliance and help both patient and physicians monitor progress toward more healthy and productive lives
  5. Meditation practice as a co-adjuvant therapy to reduce anxiety. 

The combination of these services creates an end-to-end treatment modality for alcoholism and opiate dependency in a one-stop-shop that makes it easier for delicate patients to maintain their sobriety and connect with essential wrap around services such as housing and job counselling.  MLA helps patients improve their prospects for avoiding future breakdowns three times more effectively.  This enables federal payers and providers to care for a major portion of their sickest population more effectively; provide the additional inpatient and outpatient capacity needed to deliver services; and, provide payers and providers with greater budget flexibility. 



  • MLA is looking for highly motivated candidates who have prior government health care or third-party payer experience. 

    Employees work closely in a fast moving, entrepreneurial environment dedicated to one mission: providing breakthrough care to patients with substance use disorders.