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Mountain Lake Associates (MLA), a veteran-owned small business, is an administrative services organization providing outpatient specialty care services to treat alcohol and substance dependency among federally-provided health care recipients more effectively and at lower cost.  MLA is in the process of applying for registration with the VA.  MLA:

  • Works with federal payers and providers and specialized SUD clinics to deliver care for patients in an outpatient setting. 
  • Recruits independent outpatient clinics on behalf of federal payers, providers and their third-party payer representatives, to expand access to high quality care. 
  • Provides detailed standard operating procedures, manuals and training along with state of the art technology for participating clinics in order to raise and certify readiness at the new standard of patient care. 
  • Ensures the flow of administrative and payment data between both parties via existing commercial provider contracts resulting in prompt payment for covered and authorized medical services. 
  • MLA is looking for highly motivated candidates who have prior government health care or third-party payer experience. 

    Employees work closely in a fast moving, entrepreneurial environment dedicated to one mission: providing breakthrough care to patients with substance use disorders.